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Team Work for Asian Expedition (p).Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal
 Since 1995, Mr. Tej Panta director of Asian Expedition Pvt.Ltd who is actively involved in Nepal Himalayas tourism. Prior he has worked with many Nepalese trekking agency and some foreigner representative.He climbed above 6000 meters mountains in Everest & Annapurna region of Nepal. He has good knowledge of organizing in trekking, climbing & expeditions in himalaya. He particularly designs social & culture tour/treks program in rural area where you can get a real test of Nepal. He utilizes this idea from his study of Sociology and Anthropology in his master degree. He also involves in social works as he associated with a non-profit organization “RPSN” which has been working in remote village of Nepal.
   Panta guide is a hard worker & a well established name in the tourism of Nepal. He was born in remote village in Farmer family. He is very interested in walking and guiding with different culture people & shares his over 30 year’s knowledge with trekkers during Nepal. Guiding & Cooking is his best.
Experiences: More than 30 years experienced in guiding and has got a post of “Trekking Sirdar”. He had already worked as field director at Sailung adventure company.He has been on top of Mera peak, Island Peak, Dhampus peak, And most of Trekking areas of Nepal. He is Bee keeper and produces Natural honey ! He has the knowledge about Saman tradition which is still popular & exists in Nepal. He is friendly, helpful & speaks English.
   Kaila Tamang is a Mountaineering/Climbing guide (Sherpa), come from an ethnic group of Nepal.He is passionate to climb the Peaks & over 8000m Expeditions. He climbs the mountain from both side Tibet and Nepal.He is rewarded by Nepal Mountaineering association .He has got the Mountaineering instruction license .Now he become a mountaineer instructor in Nepal.
Experiences: He has already climbed more then 8000meter mountains like Manaslu, Cho- Oyu, and many peaks in Nepal & Tibet. He has been working more than 21 years in trekking & climbing field.He has all authorized climbing licensed from the Nepal Government. He hasn’t got any formal education from Government Sectors but he can speak English well. Now he & his family are living in Kathmandu.
 mr. Ganes Magar is a climbing guide and Sherpa in Nepal and he is working at Asian Expedition (p)Ltd since 2010. He has many successful and unsuccessful record in mountaineering history. He says that a part of learning life.  Ganesh Mager is a good climbing guide for "Trekking peaks" and expedition with in Nepal & Tibet. He was born in high mountain region of Nepal and worked in 26 years of experiences in climbing the snowy mountains. while he leads the team up to the high deadline mountains, you really get him a helpful hand and secure feeling. Ganesh is a friendly guide & a hardworking guide living with his family now in Kathmandu.


   Hari Kharel is Spanish & English speaking Guide. He is young, energetic & a fun guide. Mt. Everest region, Upper Dolpo & Manaslu region are his best choice. His dealing power to the clients is very good. He gives you fully entertainment on the way by telling several jokes & stories.
Experiences: He has been guiding since 1997 and officially Nepal Government licensed holder guide. He has been Everest 3 high pass Renjo la, Chola pass & Tashi lapcha pass, Larke la pass in Manaslu, Upper Dolpo high pass areas. He is expert in Everest & Manaslu trek. He completed Bachelor Degree in Education faculty from University.
   Kumar Gautam is a young & culture specialist guide.He loves to organize Camping treks in Upper Mustang, And Tea house treks in Langtang region and Annapurna Region. Kumar is very interested in Religion & Cultural guiding.He knows the details of trek itinerary and local enviroments.
Experiences: He has been guiding since 1992 and officially Nepal Government licensed holder guide. He climbed Yala peak over 5500m, Chola pass& Tashi lapcha pass(5770m) in Everest region, most of highest trekking passes. Upper Mustang trek is in his best knowledge! He completed Bachelor Degree & well speaks English.
 Ramesh Thakuri is a trekking guide  and now working at Asian Expedition trekking Agency.  
Ramesh Thakuri is a French & English speaking Guide.He is born in farmer family in country side.His interests in doing camping treks in Kanchenjunga & Arun valley region in far eastern of Nepal. Varieties of cooking & fun making is his best skilled. He is soft & very helpful guide. He completed his intermediate education. Local socities and the details he can show and explain you.
Experiences: He has climbed Island peak (6189m) in Mt. Everest region & has more than 12 years experienced in trekking field. He is expert in Kanchenjunga & Arun valley region treks.He is also experienced in River rafting ! Trisuli river, Bhotekoshi river & Sunkoshi river are his favorite area.Officially Nepal Government licensed holder guide.
    Tanka Gautam is an English speaking Guide. He is very strong as an ice stone of Mountain.He does hard work & honest during his duty. He prefers to organize treks in Makalu Base camp, Everest region and Langtang region. He has got married and has one Daughter & one Son, living in country side. He completed his intermediate education from Collage.
Experiences: He has more than 11 years working experienced in trekking. He climbed on Makalu base camp, EBC-Kalapatther, Tserso ri Peak, Throung-la pass, Gokyo Ri & Chola pass & many more.He is a trained guide, got licensed from Nepal trekking tourism association.
   Rinji Sherpa is a young climbing instructor and very passinoite in climbing. He is originally came from Khumbu Region. He Guided many clients to many peaks of Nepal. As he was born in Khumbu region he never feels altitude in high mountains. His goal is to Climb mt.Everest and other eight thousander peaks. Now he worked with us more then 8 years.
Bisu Gautam is an excellent cook man and assistant guide for Nepal himalaya. He is very helpful to Guests, and very honest. More than 30 years he has been workinh in tourism field and still he is interests in doing it. He is  stronger as like the Ice rock of mountains. He is Married, has 2 son and 2 daughter. He originally grew in farmer family of central Nepal. He is working with us since the begining of this Agency.
Kamising Tamang comes from ethinic family of buddhist religion. He is a good cook man and also does asiistant guide during the lodge and camping trek.He is a very energetic man and helpful. He is working with us since the begining but has already worked more then 20 years.He has got married and has 3 daughter and one son.He is very interested in working with forginer. Trekking and Climbing is his best job.
Mt. Jit Kharel is a funtastic  man having skill of cooking in Camping trek.More then 25 years of experience in tourism field, he is working very well. He often makes jokes and fun during the trek. He knows the almost of way of trek around the himalaya. He has small family.


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