Successful Mera Peak Summit-2015

On 15th Oct 2015 at 9:00am, a super beautiful day for Matthias Jäger, Throsten Kutschke, Claus Hausi, Kaila Tamang and I were on Summit of Mera Peak 6476m. Røbert Røck and Daniel were reached above 5000meters. I would like to congratulate all my valuable Clients who stood on Summit of Mera Peak and above five thousand meters. The climbing program was started from 5th Oct to 23rd Oct. I hope that they enjoyed very much the trek & climb and got lot of experiences & stories. My heartfelt thanks to our Climbing Sherpa Kaila Tamang, Cook man Bisu and all the porter staffs. Thank you very much for yours Nepal visit.Tej Panta | Asian Expedition (p).Ltd.

Posted on October 29th 2015 by tej